​From Daddy, Dear Future Child.


1.  I’ll be there with your mom at your birth.  

 2. When you are old enough to know your name, know also that it is a name I already know as I write this to you. So, know you are first an intention before you are a product of my union with your mom. 

 3. Daddy loves to read stories, so you will indulge him when he reads you stories where you snuggle in his arms or in mom’s. Be assured you’ll be in his arms a lot of times, so, prepare to coo, giggle gibberish, etc, etc, as he reads to you. 

 4. I’ll carry you on my shoulders as we take our many strolls around the house and neighborhood. I don’t like greeting people so much, so you may want to flash your toothless/toothy grin at neighbors when we stroll. 

 5. I look forward to singing you my beautiful karaoke when you cry. So, feel free to cry. We got you. Changing diapers? It’s another excuse to hold you.

 6. My earnest prayer is that you find the Savior early in your life. Mom and I (and everyone you will ever know) are nothing compared to him. 

 7. When you go to school, don’t go to make good grades only, go to learn how the world works. Make great friends too. 

 8. Aspire to a cause greater than yourself. Seek to make life better for yourself, and others while at it. If find yourself in a position to, change the world.

 9. Find your passion, no matter how long it takes. And when you find one thing to be a faux passion, let it go. Life’s too short to waste on finding a white elephant.

10. Wherever you are away from home, even if it’s only pictures of the skies over you that you show mom or I, know that we will know exactly where you are: that’s how connected we will be. 

11. When you make your mistakes, take responsibility, cry if you will, right your wrongs where you can, forgive yourself and most importantly, pick yourself up and continue living life. 

12. About love, I have many things to tell you, but now, I’ll say this: love yourself. Love God. Love your lover. Love your family. Love your work. Love books. Love music. Love arts. Love life. 

13. You must necessarily learn, early in life, how to make money. Being poor is only romantic in novels.

14. Keep closely to your heart, kindness, honesty, loyalty and love. Never lose sight of them. 

15. Never lose sight of the things that are really important in life. God. Love. Family. And us. 

16. Dear Future Child, if you find any of these things questionable or hard to follow, know that you can always tell your mom and I anything.  
I’ll write you many more. 


10 thoughts on “​From Daddy, Dear Future Child.

  1. “Aspire to a cause greater than yourself. Seek to make life better for yourself, and others while at it. If find yourself in a position to, change the world.” Thank you. I’m up for adoption though, so you can adopt me. Lol


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