“You see, people of darkness hate light. Haven’t you heard that where there are lots of witches, there are usually severe and extended power outages? Especially during the night time?”

When my Pastor told me during a home visit two years ago, I had come up with a surprised face, which was a feat seeing I was a walking Dead Sea at the time.

We had been discussing the possible causes of severe power outages in some parts of the town where we both lived, over hot boli, epa and Coke.

I remember considering arguing against his point by asking what he thought of the diesel and power generator cartels making a kill from the nation’s power wahala. Were they witches too? I had stayed mum instead, while he fed his arguments with more boli and epa.

So, when the power outages in our community became unbearable, and my Pastor persuaded the community to hold a prayer meeting to command the power of darkness thwarting all our best efforts at getting our fair share of electricity supply to die, no one could resist.

We had replaced new transformers three times in one year just for distributing power to our neighbourhood of about thirty houses. None lasted three months before some unfixable fault retired it. Replacements would be three months and thousands of generator fuel litres later.

In that time, oddly, other neighbourhoods would have electricity supply for much longer durations. Day and night.

Three transformers and tonnes of petrol and diesel fuel later, no one thought my Pastor’s suggestion dumb in any way.

Everyone attended the three nights of prayer when the fourth transformer arrived. It was held around the transformer for those three nights.
I couldn’t attend. I was indisposed for those three nights.

It has been eight months since the arrival of the fourth transformer. There have been no faults.

The neighbourhood is happy. Every house has light.

There have been no incidences save a curious phenomenon. No one knows what it is, but on nights when others have light, my house connection trips and there’s a power cut, leaving only my house in the dark. And in the morning, it comes back on.


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