For Valentine’s

The prompt for the 250—word story contest is simple.

Write a 250-word story (or less) beginning with the phrase, “In love and war” and ending with the phrase “… everything is fair.”

Drop your story in the comment section. Include your name, word count and title (none of these is considered a part of the word count).

Submit as many stories as you can.

Submission ends on Sunday 11:59pm.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Let’s do this.


15 thoughts on “For Valentine’s

  1. NAME: Samuel Ogechukwu Emmanuel
    WORDCOUNT: 249

    In love and war, Odogwu had always been the same scheming bastard. Little matter that he was my brother. He was the one who cried first when he hit me as a child so Papa and Mama would come with ready slaps and sneering teeth. I’d cry, he’d stay at a corner and make the ‘ntoor’ sign which tormented me to the point of madness. Every attempt I made at getting back at him turned to be part of his plan and I’d always find myself at the wrong end of Papa’s cane, with the title of ‘worst elder sister’

    The last time I tried beating him, he had thrown me to the floor and smiled his ‘coming of age’ smile while our parents beamed. That was how I ended my quest of ever beating him physically.

    Papa and Mama had concluded I was bad because I played football unlike other girls. “Imakwa n’ibu nwanyi?” Do you know you’re a girl, they’d ask and spit out ‘tufiakwa’ so forcefully I’d imagine their tongues falling out with it.

    Nneka became the one good thing in my life. She was a very good friend to me, more than my all of my family put together could ever be. That was why as I stood watching Odogwu’s funeral, I didn’t regret pushing him into the river, for trying to steal my love. For trying to rub me of sexual pleasures and surreal feelings. After all, in love and war, everything is fair.

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    WORD COUNT: 236
    In love and war, there are deaths. Pride, hopes, specs, ego, other loves, privacy, ultimately self – Things die. Caroline thought, walking home from her date.
    Habass, the suya boy by his stand greeted her, she waved him off. Nothing appealed to her, not when her heart was shattered and pieces were scattered inside her body. If she said anything, sharp edges would shoot straight out of her mouth.
    It was bittersweet – the break up. She understood some of it, and it disgusted her because none of it was about them. It was all about five hectares of land in her grandmother’s name.
    Her grandfather was a village prince but not heir to the throne. His inheritance included several hectares of land all over the place. Her grandmother was his second and last wife and he gave her one as gift.
    Caleb’s father was the first wife’s adopted nephew. He intended to plant a university there and since her grandmother was dead, her mother being the only child of her mother refused to sell.
    They agreed not to get involved so it was a total stun a few months ago when Caleb started pressuring her to coax her mother. She laughed it off the first time. After three more tries she knew he wasn’t kidding. She refused and he accused her of being unsupportive.
    Probably in the end, since life owes us nothing, everything is fair.

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    WORD COUNT: 249

    In love and war, Samson knew to watch his back, cause it could go down the wrong way. He was only worried about the ‘war’ not the ‘Love’ part. He always knew the Philistine men hated him, they never concealed their displeasure for one second. ‘Hey Punk, you think you can just walk in here and take Delly from us huh?’ he always replied with a snort. They had attacked him a dozen time, and each incident left Dillilah visibly shaken, and he always blamed himself for coming into her life with trouble. Now, tied between two pillars, his hair shaved and his eyes plucked out, it dawned on him. Everything was an act, from the attacks, to the persuation to show her his weak point, they were all Dillilahs plans to sell him to the bloody philistine! He remembered how he had slept off after eating her ‘Sugar’, that was what sex with her was like, the orgasm always left him weak and useless, which was why he didn’t notice when she shaved his hair. He had to make the bitch pay! He just had to. He couldn’t see her, but he knew she was pleased.
    “Oh, Lord restore my strength, that I may die with
    my enemies” He prayed.
    When he felt his hair again, a mischievous smile played on his lips, he could’t see them, but heard cries when the pillars came crashing down, he thought of Dillilah, he thought of her sugar, he chuckled and thought to himself….Everything is Fair’

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    WORD COUNT: 247

    In love and war, I am the same dysfunctional lover, incapable of loving any woman beyond a fortnight. Which makes me doubt if I deserve to be called a lover at all, even a dysfunctional one. I see a girl I love, and I’m straight chasing her with the fury of a thousand suns, but soon afterwards, my feelings snap and die. I have no control over these things, and can’t say why they happen. These feelings just wake one morning and die.
    To keep my sanity, I return immediately to my Bohemian dispositions. I become again, champion of the night, chaser of all things in skirt, in search of succour between legs that harbour moist and warm matters. My ultimate joy—to watch myself lie in between legs—and receive as it were, as much pleasure as I offered.
    Then I’d watch the clapping of butt-cheeks underneath raised legs, limbs shivering in-between tempered moans, and my name called out in broken whispers and bated breathes. And then I’d listen to the chimes of my own whimpering, a sudden loud moan erupting from the depths of my lungs, one befitting my state of pleasure, after which my body yields gently under the exhaustion that follows. But soon as the last fluid hits the durex, and the echoes of pleasure is vanquished, I’m back to grieving the last girl I lost. One time, my ex called me a bloody sociopath, but in life, I think, everything is fair.

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  5. In love and war…Tobi, abi?
    Gbemi said their special quote as she corked the shotgun.
    Having been raised by a military father, Tobi knew she could handle the tool
    The two men in black had laughed after seizing their phones, thinking she was helpless until they heard the machine.
    The preciseness with which she held the gun was not lost to them.

    This one no be Jew, the tall lizard-looking partner of Bullet said.
    Attempting to negotiate, he proceeded towards her. Her voice rang loud and clear; one more step, and that would be your last.
    The man stopped and looked at Bullet.
    Guy, wear cloth, he said.

    Bullet had stripped down to his underwear and was about to rape her husband. He said it was his punishment for calling out gay men and not letting them be.
    He would have succeeded if not for Gbemi.

    Bullet rose to his feet and then whistled.

    What happened afterwards took place in a heartbeat. Bullet and his partner pulled out knives and lunged for Tobi and Gbemi and without batting an eyelid, Gbemi had pulled the trigger at her attacker and then Bullet.

    There was blood everywhere.

    She woke up with a scream.
    Tobi dropped his laptop and held her close.
    G, what’s the matter? Bad dream, she said and snuggled closer. I killed someone for you.

    He smiled.
    I’m cool with that, he said because in love and war, everything is fair.

    Name: Zii Ogueri
    Wordcount: 243
    Title: Beyond realms

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    WORD COUNT:249

    In love and war, Officer, People can do Anything! Just anything! The police officer sat opposite Adeleke, jaw droped, and tongue tied as He listened to her confession.
    “Olumide and I have lived in a cold war for the past few months, I think he was still upset by the querrel I had with his sister, about barging into our house without giving me a heads up. Because I loved him I was ready to fix things. But, finding out about his affair with Bumi, threw me off balance. I could bear the thought of my husband screwing another woman, but my best friend? Hell no! I was still fuming at the picture in my hand when his phone bipped, ‘he forgot his phone’ I opened the message, it was from Bumi, ‘Do it tonight’ I wasn’t confused for long because I saw the previous message from Olumide which read ‘I’ll poison her soon, waiting for the right time’. I froze, it was like a movie, I couldn’t believe it!

    He came back that night, bought me chocolates, and flowers, apologized and promised to take me out on Valentine’s day. I smiled took the chocolate and served him his meal.
    Minutes later He was gasping for air, choking, jerking and vomiting. I just watched him die”.what killed him? Well officer, I slipped some of my chocolates into his tea.
    Did you have to go that far? Adeleke smiled, leaned toward and whisperd “Yes. Cause at this point, everything is fair”.

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  7. Name: Kingsley Ozil Ekpeha

    Word count: 249

    Title: Karma is a Bitch

    In love and war, Tony had over five Girlfriends, and he professed undying love to all of them. He always feared being caught, and maybe causing what could be regarded as the “Third World War”

    14th of February 2015
    He took Sandra to Ben’s Restaurant, and there his worst fears were confirmed. Sandra was confronted by Jennifer, and boom! They got into a fight that led to exchange of heavy bars, jabs that led to spilling of crimson red liquid. The incidence led to the end of Tony’s womanizing
    He later became born again, and swore never to date more than one Woman

    Fortunately, He met Peace, as her name implied, she brought Peace to his life. They courted for two years. His genuine love for her grew stronger with each day that passed. His only desire was for Peace to be the mother of his unborn kids.

    13th of February 2016
    Tony got back from Work, with the Valentine gifts he bought still in his hands. Instead of receiving the usual hug peace always gave him, rather he was greeted by a big envelope on the table, with the inscription ” From Peace ”
    He opened it, and it read ‘ Dear Tony, I know this will hurt. I’ve left you for good. I’m sorry we had to end our love this way ‘
    With tears in his eyes, he dredged up a vague memory of his past
    ” Karma is a Bitch ” He mumbled
    In the end, everything is fair

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  8. Name: Augustine Malizu

    Word count: 250

    Title: The Sacrifice.

    “In love and war, I will remain with you, in life and death, I will always love you,” those were the solemn promise Abba made to Hauwa before letting go her hands and turned his back at her.

    Hauwa’s heart beat incessantly like it was going to jump out of her mouth as she ran with the last of her strength. She had no idea where she was running to but she knew anywhere would be better than another second spent in the terrorists’ den.
    Abba was the only reason her stay in the den amongst other girls was less horrific. He had fallen in love with her and had sworn to do anything to get her out of the forest where they were held captive.

    Every attempt to get her out had been futile but Abba had made up his mind that it was going to be now or never. On the dawn of the stipulated day, Abba stealthy entered their tent and unlocked the chain that bound her and the rest prisoners, the prisoners were awake; they never sleep.

    He told them to run for their lives while he grabbed her and took a secret path he had discovered. They scuttled out; causing an uproar – bullets were shot indiscriminately but Abba and Hauwa didn’t stop. They ran and got to a labyrinth of trees. They heard footfalls. He nudged her forward after some utterances and turned his back.


    He blacked out while muttering;

    “Everything is fair.”


  9. NAME: Samuel Ogechukwu Emmanuel
    WORDCOUNT: 246
    TITLE: Valentine’s Day

    Coko Bar

    In love and war everything is fair. That is what they say.
    April last year, when I told Chiamaka that I was in love with her, I knew I had started a war I had no hope of winning. Chiamaka of the fair skin and head-turning beauty did not reject me as I had hoped she would, instead she told me she had been waiting for me to ask. My heart sank because it knew I was setting it up for a wicked fall. You don’t understand? I will explain.

    Trojan war –Helen, Paris and Menelaus. Stupid triangle really, but one with devastating consequences. I have seen the Trojan war happen around me time and again. My father’s boss made his life hell until my beautiful mother left us for him.
    My best friend Benji started rumours that his brother Max was a gay. A week later when Max’s girlfriend Ujunwa switched to his brother we understood why.
    Like a woman scorned, Max hacked Benji to pieces with an axe and fled.

    I hate war. Love brings war. That is why today, I am sitting at a table for two with the pictures of a dead woman for company. My Chiamaka. People are giving me funny looks. They will never understand that I had to poison her to avoid war. Immortalize her, worship her, keep her sweet memory safe from the many vultures parading in trousers.
    In love and war, everything is fair.

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    249 WORDS


    In love and war, the winner is often also the loser. They just don’t know it.

    Amaka smiled at the man seated across from her, and took a sip from her wine glass. He thought he had won, but she was the winner here. She smiled as her phone beeped..

    It was a reply text from Eugenia, her best friend- who was really a terrible friend. As far back as she could recall, Eugenia had snatched every guy who Amaka liked. When Amaka met Jide, she had known he was her Mr Right, so she had pretended to dislike him.

    “He’s a player.

    “His fingers are too slim, like a woman’s.

    “He chews with his mouth open.”

    Eugenia had listened to Amaka’s complaints, and as expected, lost interest in him.

    Then Amaka had moved in for the kill. Eugenia had travelled for a one month course, and in that time, Amaka gave Jide the green light. Jide had been unable to believe his luck, bragging to his friends about his new catch.

    And now, here they were.

    Jide cupped her hands in his, “Have you told Eugenia about today?”

    Amaka blew him a kiss, then picked up her phone, “Oh I only told her we were out on a date. I’ll text her the good news now.”

    “Oh. Do you think its fair to break the news of our engagement to her like that?”

    Amaka admired the ring on her finger again, “Darling, between Eugenia and me, everything’s fair…”


    Word count: 249.

    In love and war, there are no friends. No families. Just foes.
    This I learnt the hard way.
    ***** *****
    I loved her. The moment my eyes met hers that sunny Sunday, I knew she was the one.
    “You’re staring”, she blurted, confusion written all over.
    “I’m sorry. You’re beautiful. Can I have your number?”
    That was how Nana and I started off. Visits were exchanged and MTN bit at our pockets. It hurt but we didn’t mind.
    ***** *****
    Things escalated. It scared us but we were too carried away to care. Nana’s lips and tongue were a formidable tag-team that could knock me out anytime. I craved being “knocked out”.
    Our parents were suspicious but we allayed their fears with the usual lie: “You assume too much, Mama.”
    ***** *****
    It was my brother, Isa, who caught us.
    He never knocked before barging into my room and I had jokingly warned him, saying he’d one day see what was bigger than his eyes.
    The horror on his face when he saw Nana fully naked on the bed with I, his elder sister, torments me till this day.
    Isa reported me to Baba. Baba forbade me from ever seeing Nana, his rage evident. Dire consequences awaited us if I did.
    ***** *****
    It’s been three weeks since Baba paid those hunters to kill Nana.
    My joy was taken.
    And as I ensure the poison is mixed well with Baba’s Kunu Aiya, I mutter to myself: “Everything is Fair.”


  12. In love and war, we’re lost souls.

    Tonight, he’ll come again but you’ll be ready. There’ll be no tears this time. You’ll shut your eyes and let the pain between your legs wash through you like waves, strengthening your resolve. His thrusts will become faster and deeper and the end, nearer. He’ll shudder with pleasure and you’ll still yourself, waiting for his release.


    The night you found mother floating in the pool, he held you close and whispered soothingly. He called you by your mother’s name the first time he made war with your body. He said he loved you. It was this love that brought him back, night after night. You were twelve then and he was all you had. Three years later, nothing has changed, at least, not in your favour.


    You’ll turn the tides soon. Your grip on the little bread knife under the pillow will tighten. Soon, the end will come. He’ll shut his eyes and gasp for breath, smearing your soul with his spurts. That will be your moment. You’ll finally find peace, away the man who declared war on your soul in the name of love.

    You’ll remember the open fuel tank of the generator, the leaking gas cylinder, and the hidden keys. Either by knife or by fire, the beast will die.

    After your father makes love to you, you’ll make war. You know your chances are slim but you’re ready. In death, everything is fair.

    WORD COUNT:247

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    The Sacrifice.
    Word Count : 246

    In love and war, sacrifices abound aplenty. Basically, in life, there is hardly anything done without sacrifices made, an opportunity cost, of sorts. Something forgone.

    It’s been three years now, fighting side by side with these men, hating the government and taking territories.

    Here, we relate to ourselves like family. Colonel and General are not titles for us. To unite the army, we have Big Brother, Head Brother, Son and Junior. Well-fashioned ranks created by Head Brother Ikebana.

    I am one of the four Big Brothers. The one who is Ikebana’s right hand. I have killed politicians with him, abducted white men for him, raped a single girl with him. In fact, we date back to college days when we shared a single room.

    Indeed, betrayal is a word for friends, and brothers and comrades. Not one for strangers.

    I am here, in one of the pits we dig to avoid bullets from strafing helicopters. I hear the booms and gunshots. I hear the moans and deathly groans of my comrades. Each bullet touch me in my heart, stains my soul the more. But I choose to hold on to the picture of my pregnant wife. Now, all I have to do is hope that the government keep their words and spare my unborn child, and my wife.

    I know that heaven won’t forgive me, neither will my dead comrades. But they should understand that just as in war, in sacrifices and love, everything is fair.

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  14. In love and war, one thing is customary–Pain. Curt and I refused to understand this in the early stages of our marriage. He was a soldier who fought battles often and came home with wounds as souvenirs; then I–having been reminded many times why I was a nurse–would dress them and stay up soothing him to sleep with songs that emitted my throat sounding as though a congress of frogs gathered to party. Sleep would elude me till he started snoring, then I would leave, my body sore from sitting in one position for hours, and head to the table to finish my cold meal.

    It lasted three years before I yearned for divorce.
    There were tears in his eyes; love, desire, or something else I couldn’t have explained if asked, but he wouldn’t beg me to stay. I left.

    One morning, I received a mail. Curt was dead. He had had deep cuts on the head and I was needed, but I suggested they find another nurse.

    Now, the memories refuse to leave. When I cackle, it sounds like what it used to, each time Curt tickled me. My new husband doesn’t understand. Each night our bedsheets ruffle and I have to roar in intense pleasure, I go “Cuuurrttt!” It would cost me three marriages, and on a warm evening, with the piercing pain in my chest, I would look upon the world from atop a building and think that in life not everything is fair.

    Title: To curt.

    Word count: 250

    Name: Brainy Maverick

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  15. Wanted to drop this earlier but had some issues with my account. Nonetheless, a reply will be appreciated. Not for the competition.
    Oladele Olwasogo
    247 words
    No Longer Moved
    In love and war you do anything to win.
    Ade has had a frustrating day, yet here stands a nuisance of a neighbor over flogging a trivial issue of light bill. He has evaded the bills since the beginning of that year, and now they are in the last quarter of it.
    But Ade has decided to take it all in. after all wasn’t he eating his cake and having it? He has the voluptuous daughter of the neighbor as his lover, while he never pays the bill, as he always comes up with a master story.
    “Ade, you wouldn’t like to pull the devil’s breast” she said, “give me my money now! What kind of a shameless man are you?” she blurted out
    “You see ma, I just gained a promotion, I will pay you first thing after I get my salary.” Ade said with his knees almost touching the ground, tears almost gushing out. “My new salary will cover everything I owe you, I will even pay you for your inconveniences” he said
    “You are very stupid” she said, grinning, the type that warns you about an impending doom. “So you think everyone is as stupid as the girls that follow you around?”
    with this Ade became confused. Doesn’t the woman always fall for his tricks? Unknown to him that she has been hinted about his relationship with her daughter.
    But they will both continue the game, after all love and war makes everything fair.

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