The Other Story

We are in adjacent bathrooms, saying prayers in whispers. I remember this. The bulb for the two bathrooms is above the separating wall, bathing half of my space in shadows. I am squatting in the middle of the cubicle, striking a fifth match that doesn’t light. Apart from four candles surrounding me, there are seven […]

My Kind Of Love by Susan Asompto

I love Emeli Sande. We share a couple of things in common (says every fan, I guess). I love her music more. My favorite video of one of her songs makes a powerful portrayal that I identify with, and which has provided me with another number for my notes.   My relationship with words started […]

New Beginnings (by Lydia Durunguma)

I grew up recently. I remember the day it happened; it was the kind of day my ten year old self loved. It had just rained when daddy took me and my siblings to our farm; we rushed to the farm’s store and took out head pans. My brother, my little sister and I placed […]

This First Name Is The Sound of Love

I feel something close to pleasure when someone I am speaking with for the first time, someone who has known me for a while but with whom I have never spoken, calls me Akintunde. My name has appeared as Akin everywhere between leaving secondary school and leaving the university. Before then, in the spaces for […]

Thoughts And Company

​We were walking, picking our way through a dusty road, and arguing, two bowed heads under the New Year Day’s sun, about what must have been said at the Cross-over Service at my church the night before. I didn’t hear what the Pastor said before the New Year thanksgiving offering was collected. My mind was, […]